Written by SalonCentric TeamJan 23, 2022

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Marketplace has been a buzz word in our office for the last year, are you wondering what it is?

An online shop where multiple 

Sellers come together to sell their products / services… think Amazon ON and App!

Our motto is to be "The One-Stop Shop for Beauty, Business & More!

What new categories are we bringing to and the app?

Food & Beverage

Synthetic Hair & Lash Extensions

Laundry Supplies


 & More!

How are we being supplied with these new products?

3rd Party (3P): Sellers that are only found on the Marketplace

Transition: Sellers that will no longer be housed in our DC's but have an opportunity on the Marketplace

Hybrid: Sellers that will have some items held in SalonCentric's DC's and in Stores, and other items that are sold on the markplace. These sellers will be managed by both the Marketplace and Category Management Teams

What changes for the customer?

As customers are browsing products on marketplace items will be identifiable with a marketplace logo

The product detail page will outline who the item is sold and shipped by and any customer ratings given to the seller

Items being shipped by Marketplace sellers will be listed after products sold by SalonCentric in the cart

Marketplace items can't be sent to SBP's, and customers will only be able to checkout online. Sellers also have the option to offer expedited shipping on marketplace items, bringing essentials to our customers even faster!

Please send all recommendations of brands and products you would like to see to [email protected]