Kenra Color Fundamentals

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamAug 30, 2022

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Kenra Education Manager, Wesley Boyce, teaches viewers the fundamentals of Kenra coloring products by using the Shade Identifier, Color Level System, Color Portfolio, and Color Wheel.

0:33 Kenra Color Shade Identifier
The shade identifier is easy to read and follows a standard numerical and alphabetical identification system. Number = Level
First Letter = Dominant Color Reflection
Second Letter = Secondary Color Reflection

0:52 Kenra Color Level System
Kenra’s level system denotes the degree of darkness or lightness of the hair. It ranges from
1-10 with 1 representing the darkest form of brown (referred to as black) and 10 indicating the lightest (referred to as extra light blonde).
1:15 Kenra Color Portfolio 
Offering a variety of shade families in a balanced collection of warm and cool tones to meet the needs of any client, each shade series allows for ease of mixing and delivers intense shine and maximum coverage:
- Natural Series
- Natural Series and Gray Coverage 
- Ash Series
- Gold Series
- Red Series
- Metallic Series

5:01 Kenra Color Wheel 

5:49 Porosity Equalizing Spray
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