How-To: Eliminate Odor And Reduce Oil With K18 AirWash

Written by K18 Education TeamApr 1, 2024

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K18 Airwash

Oil production and odor can quickly ruin a clients’ salon-fresh look. However, stylists can extend the life of their clients' styles with the new K18: AirWash. This reinvention of dry shampoo delivers high-performance cleaning without starchy buildup or white cast. This non-aerosol product reduces oil and eliminates odors, leaving every client with an instant, weightless and long-lasting clean for up to three days.

How It Works

For scalp odor, K18 bioscientists looked to nature for inspiration, seeking out the strongest odor-detection system. They then searced DNA databases to find the mapped genome from which they created the K18-patented odorBIND biotechnology using synthetic biology. This molecule is vegan and cruelty-free, and is proven to recognize, suspend and eliminate odors for up to three days, even on four-day unwashed hair.  

The translucent microbeads in AirWash soak up excess oil. This is a non-aerosol dry shampoo absorbs oil without starchy buildup or a white cast, making it suitable for every hair type, color and texture. 

How To Use K18 AirWash

Shake the product before use, then hold the bottle four to six inches away from the scalp for even distribution. Start with one spray of this highly concentrated dry shampoo per section, increasing up to three sprays per section as needed. Massage in and brush or style as usual.

Pro Tip: K18 AirWash’s non-aerosol format may feel slightly damp but will not disturb clients’ style.

With AirWash, stylists can extend every clients’ style with next-level biotechnology. For more information, click here.