How To Help Your Clients Break Up With Hair Breakage

Written by Matrix TeamNov 7, 2022

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 As a hairstylist, you see different types and stages of damaged hair all day long, caused by a variety of reasons. There’s chemical damage (looking at you hair color), mechanical damage caused by over-zealous brushing, thermal damage from too-hot tools and damage produced by the scalp tension of tight styles like ponytails, braids and protective styles.

As a hairstylist, you also know all these types of damage can be attributed to one foundational issue, namely, porosity. Porous strands lead to breakage, split ends, uneven color deposit and dry, brittle hair. And guess what? Your clients are becoming more and more aware of the issues caused by porosity as well, thanks to discussions online and on social media.

Hair Porosity Test

Happily, though, as porosity becomes a growing concern, the team at Matrix has your back with the tried and trusted porosity-busting power of the new Instacure anti-breakage system.

Matrix Repair And Protect Cuticles

After lightening, tone with SoColor Sync Pre-Bonded Acidic Toners to continue strengthening hair throughout your color service. Create multidimensional results with these high-shine, ultra-conditioning, deposit-only toners. Check out the Opals Palette, four iridescent, level-10 shades perfect for creating both icy blondes (try 10PA Pearl Ash and 10PV Pearl Violet) and warmer looks (try 10PR Pearl Rose and 10PG Pearl) Gold. Be sure to upcharge for bonded color services since you’re providing healthier results clients love. 


Matrix Instacure Products

Infused with liquid proteins, Instacure combats mechanical and heat damage, by filling porous strands right where you need it.

  • Instacure Anti-Breakage Shampoo - This cleanser consists of good sulfates, which help thoroughly remove build up between raised cuticles. This preps the hair to quickly and evenly absorb the liquid proteins from the Porosity Spray, to reduce the appearance of split ends and smooth cuticles.  
  • Instacure Anti-Breakage Conditioner - This conditioner keeps the healthy ball rolling, softening mids and ends and strengthening hair as it detangles. 
  • Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray - A multi-benefit star product, not only infused with liquid proteins, but also B5. Porosity Spray fills porous strands, helps to reduce the appearance of split ends, controls static and frizz, and more. Spray onto clean, damp hair on mid-lengths and ends after washing out Instacure Shampoo and Conditioner. Clients can experience up to 60 percent less breakage after just one use when using Instacure Anti-Breakage Porosity Spray versus a non-conditioning shampoo. Do not rinse out. Use up to 3 times a week.
  • Instacure Tension Reliever - Your answer to scalp tension. Infused with liquid proteins, biotin, and avocado oil, the formula moisturizes, refreshes and relieves the feeling of tension in braids, tight ponytails, protective styles, and extensions. Menthol in the formula provides a calm cooling sensation, helping scalp look and feel healthy. To use, apply a few drops directly to the scalp in areas of concern and distribute throughout the scalp. Stylist Tip: Use Tension Reliever for scalp tension caused by bleaching hair.


Matrix Instacure Professional

Those in the know about Instacure have long kept the spray close at hand in the salon. Pros use it for many things, including filling porous strands before lightening or coloring the hair, prepping and equalizing the hair before toning and balancing the pH that is often unbalanced by a chemical service. Lots of stylists even use it as a cutting lotion, to heal hair as it enhances the performance of shears and razors.   

And now, Instacure is heading to your client’s home. Encourage your clients to use the system to reduce the look of their split ends, condition porous strands, keep cuticles looking smooth, make styling easier and help control static and frizz. To use, advise them to apply the shampoo to damp hair, lather, wait a minute and rinse. Follow with the conditioner, rinse and then apply the Porosity Spray to midlengths and ends. If needed, they can swap out their Instacure regimen for other favorite Matrix treatments—like Brass Off or So Silver toning—from time to time. With Instacure incorporated into their home routine, they’ll be keeping up the good work you started in the salon and rocking shiny, healthy hair every day.


Matrix Unbreak My Blonde And Instacure

Damage from lightening and highlighting hair is its own special situation. Luckily, Total Results' Unbreak My Blonde system—Strengthening ShampooConditioner and Reviving Leave-In Treatments—ready and able to reinforce hair weakened by lightener, leaving it three times stronger. And here’s a tip; You can add Instacure Porosity Spray to the Unbreak lineup to fill those damaged cuticles instantly. Matrix pros recommend using the Unbreak My Blonde trio two or three times a week, alternating with Instacure Shampoo and Conditioner. Then reach for Porosity Spray as needed. Don’t hold back, you can’t overuse this formula. With this powerful combination, your levels 5 to 10 lightening clients can enjoy strong, healthy hair and maximum strand integrity.

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