Insights Into Suite Ownership With Caroline Guiney

Written by SalonCentric TeamJun 6, 2019

Read time 5 min

SalonCentric #ItTakesAProTeam member and colorist Caroline Guiney shares insights into salon suite ownership. She discusses the pros and cons of the suite life as well as her path to becoming a successful colorist.

Find out how Caroline became a successful suite owner and see this highlight from the podcast:

Because I think we're seeing an evolution of suites, right? We're seeing a lot more doubles, and triples, and quads. And it's almost like now we're seeing truly small salons in the suite environment. And so for you, are you literally like you co-lease? Or do you sublease? Or do you have someone who works under you a little bit? Or how do you deal with that?

Caroline: So currently my former assistant, she was my assistant for two and a half years, Melanie, is now renting my other chair. Ideally, I think that's kind of an ideal situation. If you could take somebody that I know how she works, I can kind of monitor what she's doing in there. And we have a great working relationship, we're really best friends at this point. And yeah, I think that's the best way to go as far as... And plus like for me, I have so much overflow that I can give her those clients. So I'm building her now, and I want to continue doing that.

I guess the position that I'm in at this point, is kind of outgrowing my space. So, now what comes next after that? But yeah, I mean definitely, I think that's a solid way to go for sure.
Gordon: So you're predominantly a colorist. And do you cut as well in style? Or you just really stick to the hair color?

No, I cut and style as well. But I have definitely focused on coloring. It's something that kind of came a little more natural to me and little easier. Haircutting is I can do it well, but not the best. So I definitely put my 80% into what I'm best at. Right.

And was there a point like for you career wise, like client development or how booked you were. How do you think about it? How should others think about it? At what point are they ready to kind of have their own space, and take on that extra responsibility? Because I would assume having a suite is a little more responsibility than renting a chair.

Yeah, definitely is. My first like person that told me basically I was going on the floor as a renter. Her strategy, and I think it was a great strategy, was that when you're making four times a week what your rent is, you're ready to go. So like basically like a quarter of your money goes to your rent, probably a quarter goes to your supplies and then the other half is yours. You should put some money away for taxes and savings and whatever. And then you have money to live off of. And I thought, that was really like a well thought out thing. And I think that if you're not there yet it's probably best to stay in a commission type environment until you grow enough and you're consistently seeing those numbers for months and months.
Credit: Hairbrained