How-To: Bricklay Balayage On Curly Hair

Written by Surface TeamMar 7, 2022

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Textured hair has a fragile cortex with high levels of porosity. When depositing color, it has tobe conditioning and ammonia-free while supported by protein bonding to maintain healthy hair and a beautiful, long-lasting, balanced color deposit. And Surface Pure Color covers all the bases in delivering superior color that’s ammonia-and PPD-free for textured hair.


  • Antioxidant-rich, penetrating babassu oil delivery system allows color to penetrate deep into the cortex
  • Flexible, vegan amaranth protein attaches color to the hairs protein working as a built-in bond buildingsystem
  • Enzyme Cream Activator eliminates free radicals allowing for gorgeous, rich, vibrant color clarity

Check out Surface Culture Artist and Pure Color AmbassadorJammie Thompson’s Pure Color Formula choice along with her bricklay balayage technique for rich, dimensional and long-lasting healthy color with the perfect pop of brightness her curly guest.



Balayage with Pure Lightener:

Gloss with Pure Color:

  • ½ oz Pure Color 5NA
  • ½ oz Pure Color 7N
  • ½ oz Pure Color 7V
  • Equal parts 7-volume Enzyme Cream Activator
  • Pure Color Thickener to desired thickness
  • Process 10 minutes.


  • Apply Balayage Pure Blonde Lightener in deep-V bricklay sections up back of the head. Do not apply lightener all the way up to the root. Leaving space between lightener and root will allow for soft, natural looking re-growth.

  • Balayage side sections over directing away from the face and continuing up to the part line. Repeat on each side of the head.

  • Process until desired lift is achieved and then shampoo thoroughly with nourishing Surface Curls Shampoo.
  • Towel-dry by gently squeezing moisture from curls, making sure not to rough up the cuticle. Before glossing, spray damp hair liberally with Trinity Protein tonic to strengthen, repair and even out porosity prior to applying Pure Color Formula.
  • Gloss with Pure Color formula, process and shampoo with nourishing Curls Shampoo.
  • Lock in color, add extra shine and condition with Trinity Bonding Masque. Rinse.
  • Protect color and maximize color retention with Bassu Oil. Apply in an S-pattern and gently squeeze evenly from the bottom up. Leave in.
  • Gently scrunch in Curl Whip Leave in Conditioning Mousse and Surface Curls Styling for desired finish.

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