How-To: Seamless Root Melting

Nov 7, 2022

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L’Oréal Professionnel Educator Eric James (@eric_james_pro) shares an easy root melting technique to give your client a beautifully seamless blend of their regrowth. 


Root Formula 

iNOA 6N + 10-Volume ODS2 Developer (1:1 Mixing Ratio) 

Ends Formula 

Dia Light 7.3 + 8.43 (0.85 oz. each) + 6-Volume Diactivateur (1:1.5 Mixing Ratio + 0.4 oz. Dia Light Liquefier


1. Starting with four quadrants, apply iNOA to regrowth using the Framar Big Daddy Brush

Seamless Rooting Melting

2. Starting at the nape and working up following the shape of the head, take horizontal sections. Apply Ends Formula to mid-lengths and ends. 

PRO TIP: Be sure to smudge into root formula for a seamless result. Adding Dia Light Liquefier to formula and applying via bottle allows for a quicker, cleaner application. 

Seamless Root Melting

3. Continue moving up the head until all sections are complete, making sure to fully saturate mid-lengths and ends. Process for 35 minutes. 

PRO TIP: “iNOA and the Framar Big Daddy Brush are a match made in heaven. Pre-diffused bristles with just the right density allow my iNOA applications a whole new level of comfort for the client and confidence for me that I am getting full saturation with every stroke, dab and roll.” 

How To Seamless Root Melting

Source: All Photos Courtesy of L’Oréal Professionnel

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