How-To: High-Speed Balayage

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamAug 31, 2022

Read time 5 min


Learn how to speed-up your balayage application process through these easy techniques with Kenra Brand Ambassador, Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis). This fast application method is perfect for when you’re in a time crunch and need to create a maximum impact color with a minimal amount of product. 



  • Save time by sectioning the hair in triangles on a diagonal.

  • Place lightener in mid-shaft of the hair, sweeping it softly toward the root to create a seamless transition.

  • Don’t force a high-maintenance client into a low-maintenance hair technique. Make sure to communicate with your client to understand their hair goals and apply accordingly.



00:00 - Introduction

01:42 - Sectioning

02:20 - Application

13:24 - Outcome



Kenra Color Blue Bleaching Powder

Kenra Color Permanent Coloring Developer 30 vol.


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