How-To: Haircutting Basics With Oliver Shortall

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamMay 4, 2022

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In this haircutting 101 tutorial, Artist Oliver Shortall takes us through the foundations of what makes a great cut. Whether assessing the head shape and compartments or looking at texture, moisture, and other cutting considerations, this comprehensive tutorial will cover everything you need to know about haircut basics. Oliver shows two complete haircuts using a multitude of techniques including point cutting, reverse point cutting, and soft notching to name a few.


  • Kenra Color Porosity Equalizer
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:27 5 Areas of the Head (fringe, top, sides, back, nape)
  • 1:50 Cutting Considerations (elevation, over-direction, texture cutting, moisture level, curl pattern)
  • 2:24 Cut #1
  • 3:01 Sectioning
  • 4:15 Point Cutting
  • 6:56 Blunt Cutting
  • 8:45 Reverse Point Cutting
  • 10:45 Finished Look
  • 11:08 Cut #2
  • 11:16 Sectioning
  • 11:47 Soft Notching
  • 13:03 Shallow Point Cutting
  • 15:29 Weight Reduction
  • 16:30 Finished Look
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