How-To: Create a Sleek Textured Pony And Four-Strand Twist

Written by MIZANI TeamJan 28, 2022

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A sleek, textured ponytail is a classic style that can be done quickly behind the chair. And as all stylists know, it’s always great to have a go-to hair service to offer your clients. In this step-by-step video Mizani Artist Carla Marcelle (@bycarlamarcelle) shares two variations of her signature ponytails, elevating them by incorporating extensions. Trust us, you’ll want to keep both looks in your back pocket.

1.Create three sections in the hair, two on the side and one in the back. This will keep the ponytail structured and give more control when slicking it back.

2.Secure the back section with a hair tie.

3.Carefully connect the front two sections to the back section.

4.Use Mizani Styling Humidity Resistant Mist Spray to work sections in place. This spray is lightweight and buildable, so I like to use it between every step to lock hair in place.

5.Braid the ponytail and secure into a bun with pins.

6.Repeat steps 1 5 to prepare the hair for the extension.

7.To prep the extension pieces, spray 25 Miracle Milk to add some shine and control.

8. To define this extensions texture, use a quarter size of True Textures Perfect Coil Gel.

9.Insert the extension at the base of the ponytail using the comb attachment. Wrap the hair around the base for extra security.

10.Finish with HRM Spray to tame any flyaways or frizz.

Four-Strand Braided Pony

Turn this look into a four-strand braided pony in just twosteps.

1.Use a few pumps of Styling Foam Wrap to give extra hold to the braids and control flyaways.

2. Create an opening in the extension and secure it onto the bun with pins.

PRO TIP: To give this look more glitz and glam add some fun accessories to make this style stand out.

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