How-To Cleanse And Condition Curly Hair With KurlPro

Written by SalonCentric TeamNov 7, 2022

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According to KurlPro Educator Allie Rae Hudson, when it comes to prepping your curly-haired clients for cleansing and conditioning, you’re going to want to use a lot of water. In fact, she says it must be continuously applied for three to five minutes prior to adding any product. Watch the video above and check out the step-by-step below to learn how properly prep curly hair before applying products along with the best cleansing and conditioning techniques for achieving frizz-free curly hair. 


  • Run water over hair and use your hands to ensure the hair becomes fully saturated.  
  • Depending on the hair’s density, you’re going to want to continue wetting the hair for three to five minutes. Allie’s model, like many people with curly hair, has multiple curl types. This model has two, Helix-5 on the ends and Helix-7 at the roots. Based on the mix of these curl types,Allie applied water for four minutes to her model’s hair. 
  • As soon as water hits the hair shaft, tangles are going to start to form. Use your fingers to detangle while continuously wetting the hair. Also be sure to scrub the scalp to loosen and remove unnecessary oils. Do not rush this process.  


  • Create top, middle, and bottom sections. Then, depending on the density of the hair, create as many subsets as needed for each section.  

Pro Tip: As soon as there is too much hair for the clip, create another section. 

  • After sectioning, wet the hair again to refresh its hydration.  
  • Add cleanser from root to end and scrub into the scalp. Glide fingers from root to end to detangle. Continue until all sections are complete. 

Pro Tip: Using your fingers to detangle will work better than using a comb. 

  • Scrub hair while rinsing to fully rid the hair of cleanser. 


  • Prior to conditioning, add water to rehydrate the hair. Create the same sections you used during the cleansing process, but this time create more subsections. 
  • Add water to all sections.  
  • Apply conditioner using a gliding, smoothing motion from the roots to ends using your fingers. This technique prevents frizz.  

Pro Tip: If the product isn’t slipping through as much as you’d like it to, add water.  

  • To rinse conditioner, continually apply water while smoothing your fingers through the hair.  

For more on KurlPro’s Helix System, check out the video below. 

And to learn more about the Helix System, register for an upcoming KurlPro Academy training here:




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