How-To: Balayage Effect Using Foils and Diagonal Highlight Pattern

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamAug 5, 2020

Read time 5 min


In this blonding technique video, Kenra Professional Brand Ambassador, Lo Wheeler Davis (@lo_wheelerdavis) shows you how to create a balayage effect using foils and a diagonal highlighting pattern. Hailing from Southern California, Lo is the blonding master so make sure to follow her on Instagram for lots of blonding inspiration.

In this tutorial, Lo adds beautiful, subtle, pale dimension throughout her client’s hair. And instead of addressing everything in one long appointment, she proceeds in succession work, having her client come in every other month for the rest of the year until she gets to her client’s desired look. Lo starts with an easy, diagonal pattern around the front behind her client’s ears with a soft baby weave to get these results. Watch the entire video to learn how she picks and chooses sections to address in this appointment versus other sections she’ll tackle in following appointments. Watch until the end for all of Lo’s tips, tricks, technique and thought process.

Lightener: Kenra Color Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener + 30 Volume Developer
Toner: Kenra Color Beige Rapid Toner + 9 Volume Activator