5 Holiday Retail Must-Dos For Suite Renters

Written by Maureen SheenDec 7, 2021

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Ask any beauty pro and more often than not, they’ll tell you that the holidays are the craziest time of year. The constant flurry of clients, and long, extended hours for weeks on end can make you go mad. But, they also bring the very real potential of cashing in on massive retail sales and new opportunities. Jen Planck, stylist, educator and inspirational powerhouse, talks about how you can take advantage of the most wonderful time of year to set yourself up for success beyond the holidays.

Q: What are some profitable ways a suite renter can maximize their holiday season earnings?
A: Start by planning ahead and use your resources. Last year, we had our holiday season meeting with our SalonCentric Salon Success Consultant and placed our retail order the first week in September. During our meeting, we not only thought about the buzz that holiday retail creates during the holiday season, but more importantly, the residual sales it can create throughout the rest of the year.

Q: When it comes to holiday retailing, what are some of the common pitfalls suite renters should avoid?

A: Not planning at all or attempting a last minute holiday plan are the most common mistakes. Another common mistake is featuring products and tools you won't carry after the holiday season. Avoid a one-and-done stunt. Instead of featuring items you don’t currently carry, re-introduce ones you do or utilize the holiday rush to launch new additions to your current bestselling retail items.

Q: What are some effective ways suite renters can display holiday kits while being mindful of their limited space?

A: In our space, we manage this in two ways. First, we temporarily clear out a backstage area to house our holiday backstock, and restock daily. Second, we re-stage our "Itty Bitty Boutique," retail shelves and other tiny spaces that we typically feature other touchpoints to allow our holiday offerings to be featured.

Q: When is the ideal time to start holiday retailing?
A: It’s very important, as a salon suite renter, to watch your numbers throughout the year. This helps you to identify the best times to schedule education, promotions, vacation time and the like. For us, our highest volume of holiday traffic―and highest client count―is from October to January. Watch your numbers and measure your results to evolve and grow each year.

Q: Any additional words of advice for generating business during the holiday season?
A: Drink lots of coffee, have fun and be grateful for the holiday craziness This is not just the season for giving and being grateful, it’s also the season we put salon teamwork on a completely different level! Show clients and remind one another of the magic we create together as one.
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