Artist Spotlight: Tonisha Scott

Written by SalonCentric TeamJan 26, 2024

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Tonisha Scott

Tonisha Scott (@missprettynish), SalonCentric #ItTakesAPro Team Artist, stylist and salon owner, opened her salon with the goal of helping women of all hair types and textures fall back in love with their hair. Not only has Tonisha achieved just that, she’s also amassed an over 70k-strong following on Instagram, where she displays her work and skill. “My attention to detail and my consistency in providing results for the past decade is what helps me stand out the most. Every year comes with an increase in demands, which is major to me as an entrepreneur, but it can be hard at times when everything falls on you,” she says. “Having the courage to keep going, no matter how many times I feel knocked down, is my biggest accomplishment professionally.” 

Tonisha began her career after graduating from the Aveda Institute in 2014. Even in the early stages of her education, she noticed the lack of curriculum in haircare for women of color. Through her exceptional talent and the opening of her Orlando, FL salon, Your Hair Is So Pretty, Tonisha was able to create a safe space for texture education and inclusivity. “I take pride in providing healthy results which hasn't always been the norm for women with extremely coily hair,” says Tonisha. 

In addition to her work as a beauty professional and salon owner, Tonisha has launched a clothing brand named CODE 1.21, which she created as a reflection of her style, perseverance and integrity. She also continues to develop her skills and education by pursuing more certifications and teaching opportunities. “My next goal is to become a certified trichologist in 2024, which will add to the educational material I'm preparing to teach the next generation of cosmetologists,” says Tonisha.