Get To Know: Essations

Written by SalonCentric TeamJan 26, 2024

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With the goal of embracing all hair types and textures, Essations hit the haircare scene in 2015, with the promise of providing the best products for the Black community. Pioneered by their parents’ family-owned brand, siblings Stephanie, Stephen, Karen and Christal Luster founded Essations as a customer-centric beauty brand to provide naturally formulated solutions for every hair type. Essations’ commitment to creating a culture of inclusivity in the industry has allowed them to quickly become the preferred brand amongst many beauty professionals.

Despite many shifts in the beauty industry, Essations has adapted to the needs of their community by continuously expressing a passion for empowering beauty professional. Stephanie Luster, President and Director of Education for Essations, uses her expertise to uplift stylists and propel the brand. “Essations is a customer-centric company founded on family values - establishing strong relationships with our customers through education, creating solutions to everyday problems, and building trust through quality products. Honesty, innovation, strong performance, and excellence are embedded into the fabric of our brand,” she says.

Through visionary concepts and forward-thinking, Essations has re-vamped and expanded their product lines to meet the needs of every hair type. From inclusive lines, like the Classic and Tea Tree Collection for all hair types, to specific texture or commercial hair lines, like the Naked and Naked X Collection, Essations has worked hard to create a diverse range of effective products.

Essations Classic Collection

Essations Tea Tree Collection

Naked by Essations