Get The Look: Wrapped In Gold

Written by SalonCentric TeamNov 2, 2021

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Get The Look: Wrapped In Gold

Source Courtesy of Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling)


  • Shampoo with ColorLast Shampoo and ColorLast Conditioner, dry hair
  • Start with clean dry hair. Prep using Smoothing Shine Milk. Lightly mist onto dry hair and brush through.
  • Section hair using the C-curve of the head. Secure the left side of the hair out of the way with an elastic band.
  • Starting at the front right side of the head, take a 2-inch section of hair and divide that in half. Use Curl Defining Elixir to keep hair smooth while working on the twists.
  • Take the right section and cross under the left section. Then twist the section towards the center of the head.
  • Continue to take the section on the right and cross under the left section and twist that towards the center of the head. As you work down, add hair from the right side of the head into the section.
  • Be sure to work down and to the left side of the head toward the section of hair secured in the elastic.
  • To create volume in the twist, begin to pull it apart until you have your desired look.
  • Secure the twist with an elastic.
  • Continue to “ruche” the twist for more definition.
  • Secure both the twist and the additional section together to create one ponytail.
  • Cut about 24-inches of gold thread, adjust as needed depending on length of hair.
  • Using gold thread, wrap around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic.
  • Continue to wrap the thread one to two inches down the ponytail.
  • Split the ponytail in two and wrap gold thread around each section in a figure-8. Leave some hair out on the outside of each section as you desire.
  • Once you’ve completed the figure-8 wrapping, bring both sections back together and wrap the gold thread around both to complete the look.
  • Finish outside sections with an iron and Thermal Active Spray.

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Explore different colors and threads to recreate this look throughout the year.

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