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Written by SalonCentric TeamDec 17, 2022

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18.21 Man Made Styling

Source: Courtesy of 18.21 Man Made

As featured in SalonCentric’s 2022 Holiday Lookbook, learn how to get this look by 18.21 Man Made Co-Founder and Director of Education, Angel del Solar (@angel_delsolar).

Products Used:

18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Wax

18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Hair Spray


Step 1: Section the hair into a horseshoe shape then use detachable clippers with a 3 ½ metal comb to cut the base.

Step 2: Take off from the scalp at the beginning of the curve of the head to a gradual fade and repeat on opposite side.

Step 3: Use the clippers over a comb to create a clean cut, then use texturizing scissors to blend the area on the graduation.

Step 4: Using a sharper detachable comb, design the perimeter of the back area by creating a clean line and shaving the rest of the area.

Step 5: Clean up the perimeter of the hair using a size zero metal comb.

Step 6: Using a 1 ½ metal comb, clean up the nape area of the hair.

Step 7: If possible, cut the sideburns into a point shape. No fade is needed in this area.

Step 8: To cut the crown of the hair, begin by sectioning the back, then using the free-form technique with a razor, cut diagonally back on the direction of the haircut that ends in a point on the center part.

Step 9: Use texturizing scissors to cut in the same direction that follows the haircut.

Step 10: If necessary and depending on the length of the hair, point cut the perimeter.

Step 11: For the bangs, use a razor with a free-form technique, cutting each strand at the desired length, making sure that the hair remains long enough to be pulled forwards or back.

Step 12: On the top of the head, cut a uniform shape with a point-cutting technique.

Step 13: Use a French cutting angle to soften the corner of the graduation on the top of the crown.

Step 14: Texturize this area to control the volume and direction of the hair.

Step 15: Using 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Wax, style the hair forward with a blow dryer.

Step 16: Touch up the hair on the interior part by using the point-cutting technique with deep cuts, then use a razor on the perimeter to add directional blending.

Step 17: Add water to activate 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Wax, then using a blow dryer and flat brush, mold the hair into the desired direction and elevate the front area to add volume.

Step 18: Finish by using 18.21 Man Made Sweet Tobacco Hair Spray to add texture to the look.

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