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Written by Essie TeamMar 25, 2021

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essie -anchor-sweater

Source: Courtesy of essie

Using essie’s new not red-y for bed collection, essie global educator Rita Remark is serving up cable-knit cuteness. Follow along the step-by-step below to re-create the look on your clients.

Step 1: Start your service by following essie’s perfect prep protocol as follows.
Before every service, be sure to sanitize:
- your implements and your work station
- your and your client’s hands 

File and shape 
- observe condition of the nail 
- consult with client on shape 
- use a 180/240 grit natural nail file
- cleanse nail

- apply one to two drops of essie’s apricot cuticle peel on dry cuticles, wait 30 seconds, pushback, then wipe with water to neutralize acids

- buff with a natural nail buffing block
- gently remove any residue and surface roughness 
- final cleanse with polish remover 

Apply one thin, even coat of essie all in one base coat 

Step 2: Apply 2 coats of shade “wink of sleep” evenly.


Source: Courtesy of essie

Step 3: Using a striper brush, paint three vertical lines in shade ‘pillow talk the talk’


Source: Courtesy of essie

Step 4: Use a liner brush to add diagonal lines between each stripe, alternating the direction on each side. Use both shades ‘a to zzz’ and ‘pillow talk the talk’.


Source: Courtesy of essie

Step 5: Once dry, finish with ‘gel setter’ topcoat.

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