Get The Look: Sleek & Chic Pony

Written by SalonCentric TeamDec 16, 2022

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Ashtae Styling Pony

Source: Courtesy of Melanie Taylor (@Ms_UVCertified)

Watch this step-by-step as Ashtae Educator and Artist, Melanie Taylor (@Ms_UVCertified), shows how to create this chic pony look.

Products Used:

Ashtae Clarifying Shampoo

Ashtae Volumizing Detangling Shampoo

Ashtae Silk Protein Conditioner

Ashtae Heavenly Silk and Shine Conditioner

Ashtae Moisture Plus Leave-in

Ashtae High Gloss Curl Wax

Ashtae Heavenly Foam Lotion


Step 1: Shampoo thoroughly with Ashtae Clarifying Shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the hair and prepare it for conditioners. Then shampoo with Ashtae Volumizing Detangling Shampoo to give hair a fuller feel.

Step 2: Condition with Ashtae Silk Protein Conditioner or Ashtae Heavenly Silk and Shine Conditioner.

Step 3: Apply the Ashtae Moisture Plus Leave-in Conditioner.

Step 4: Detangle, trim, and section.

Step 5: Apply Ashtae High Gloss Curl Wax to mold the ponytail into shape. Tie off this section with a rubber band before lightly diffusing with a blow dryer or diffuser.

Step 6: Repeat on the left and right sides, and join together with the back.

Step 7: Use Ashtae Heavenly Foam Lotion to roller set the top. Sit under the dryer for 15 minutes.

Step 8: Create volume using your preferred holding spray and use bobby pins to pin the hair where you would like.

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