Get The Look: Silver Belle Twist Braid

Written by SalonCentric TeamNov 2, 2021

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Source: Courtsey of Antonio Estrada (@antestrada)


  • Curl hair using a flat iron. Apply SexyHair Control Me on each section of hair before adding heat.
  • Brush out curls. Add Smooth And Seal to help with fly always and to add shine.
  • Section out four sections from hairline to back on the neck. Clip each section away.
  • Use Polished Up and start the twist braid. Twist each section the same way, then wrap the left section of the right section. Add hair to each section and repeat.
  • Continue this technique in all clipped-out sections.
  • Gather all the hair together and tie off.
  • Add an accessory to cover hair band or wrap hair around band.
  • Finish with SexyHair Spray and Stay and SexyHair Re-Dew.

Products Used

Pro Tip

Add SexyHair Polished Up to your fingertips as you braid. 

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