How-To: Finger Coil Technique For Defined Natural Curls

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamOct 1, 2022

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Follow along to learn how Pekela Riley (@pekelariley) creates the perfect amount of curl moisture, definition, and elongation with this finger coiling technique for natural curls.

STEP 1: Section the hair into four main quadrants and completely saturate with water before applying products for styling. The hair should be fully detangled before styling begins. Apply Kenra AllCurl Hydrating Leave-In on wet hair from scalp to ends to increase manageability, help with detangling, and increase moisture and hydration.

Pro Tip

When detangling, start towards the ends and work your way gently towards the scalp to avoid excess pulling and possible breakage.

STEP 2: Starting in the back, take 1” subsections and thoroughy apply Kenra AllCurl Defining Jelly to the hair before starting the coiling technique. Wrap the hair several times around your finger, starting towards the base, and pull away from the curl as you release it. Remember that the hair should be wet and fully saturated during this time. For more volume in the finished look, allow some of the natural texture to remain uncoiled at the base of the scalp.

Pro Tip

Dispense a generous amount of Kenra AllCurl Defining Jelly into a color bowl to allow for easy and continued application to the fingers during the process.

STEP 3: Continue working up the head and complete the back two quadrants. When working on the sides, horizontal subsections are ideal, but depending on the result, you may want to change body positioning and subsections around the face to stand in front of the person and pull the curls in a frontal direction rather than to the side.

STEP 4: Once the hair has been fully coiled, diffuse on low to medium heat and allow the hair to stay in its natural state as much as possible. Resist the urge to reshape and/or inadvertently re-elongate the curls and allow them to shrink and dry as naturally as possible. Start by focusing on the exterior and the ends of the shape to lock in moisture and definition, and then work on diffusing the interior of the style.

STEP 5: Once the exterior is dry and the interior is about 90% dry, further volume can be added by gently picking out the style at the root. Apply Kenra AllCurl Sealing Oil Spray to the look to further lock in moisture and shine. Detail as needed by separating finger coils into multiples if necessary.
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