Easy Spring Fling Nail Looks

Written by Artistic Nail Design TeamApr 10, 2019

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ch-easy-spring-fling-nail-looksHow To Recreate:
*Nails will have to be properly prepped before creating these designs
1. Using a Mini Striper Brush, create wide lines using Picas-So Pink and Muse Of My Own. Then apply a line of Don’t Hate, Create! and a small pinstripe of Guy Meets Gal-lery (you can flash cure at certain points if needed) once all steps are completed, cure for 30 seconds.
2. Then apply Don’t Hate, Create! to the thumb, middle and pinky nails then cure for 30 seconds.

ch-easy-spring-fling-nail-looksHow To Recreate:
1. Paint ¾ of the nail with Picas-So Pink then cure for 30 seconds
2. Paint Don’t Hate, Create! to make a leaf design all the way to the cuticle then cure for 30 secs
3. Apply Guy Meets Gal-lery around the cuticle using a mini striper brush then cure for 30 secs
4. Use the Mini Striper Brush to create seeds using Bride and Swag then cure for 30 seconds
5. Apply Guy Meets Gal-lery to the middle, thumb and pinky fingers then cure for 30 seconds.
Photography: Courtesy of Artistic Nail Design

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