The Conscious Comeback With Daniel Mason-Jones

Written by Maureen SheenMay 3, 2020

Read time 5 min


"The industry as we knew it, is no longer,” says Daniel Mason-Jones. “I have no idea if it will go back to what it was, but I can tell you right now that the last day you were in your salon is the last day we would ever do business the way that we did it. We’re going to have to pivot the way we do business.”

In his 2-hour plus, continuing education-eligible Zoom class called “The Conscious Comeback,” Muse Salon and Spa Owner and #ItTakesAProTeam Artist Daniel Mason-Jones shares his plan for re-opening his Atlanta-based salon. From the safety precautions he plans to take to the number of clients he expects to see to how guests will be spaced throughout his salon, DMJ―as he is affectionately known―also gets into the financial real talk, the potential need for implementing a COVID-19 fee, PPE concerns and how to avoid supply challenges when you’re headed back.

Having been in the business for 19 years, and having been a salon owner for 15 of them, DMJ has been in the trenches, walking the walk and talking the talk. As the leader of a staff of 70, he chose to delay opening his salon until May 15th, two weeks after the official lifting of his state’s stay-at-home orders to ensure the welfare and safety of his team, despite being denied unemployment relief, being on the hook for $17,000 per month in rent and personally making sure his team had uninterrupted health insurance. He has been steadfast in his goal of committing to his team and putting them first, stepping up as a true leader. According to Redken Global Artistic Director Chris Baran who introduced the class, “For someone as successful as he is, he is probably one of the most humble human beings, and I’ve never met someone in my life who wants to give more than he actually takes back in. When it comes to life force particles, there are people who will rob it away. But this man only gives us back life force particles.”

“I want to make sure that when you walk away from this call today, that you’ll feel better than when you got on,” says DMJ who has coached thousands since salon closures started. “Everything right now is unknown and many of us don’t do well with the unknown. We’re navigating through uncharted territories. But ask yourselves: Who will I love today? Who will I serve today? Who will I let know I care for them today?” Because even through these difficult times, he has been able to find joy by serving others. “I stay motivated and happy because I’m walking in purpose. And every day that I’m allowed to walk on this earth, my purpose is to serve you.”

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