How-To: Cover Gray Hair In 10 Minutes

Written by Matrix TeamSep 15, 2022

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Time is money, honey. And one of the best things about being a hair pro is discovering something new that will significantly change your business and your clients’ satisfaction. Innovations like this don’t come along all the time but when they do, wow. You wonder how you ever lived without it. So, it’s a good bet that’s how you’re going to feel about the new Matrix SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded. And here are all the reasons why.

matrix socolor gray


Yes, you read that correctly. Matrix SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded is a new formula that completely covers gray hair in just 10 minutes—half the time of normal haircolor . It features a high-kinetic dye blend that moves and expands more rapidly than traditional dyes to achieve complete gray coverage in just 10 minutes. What’s more, it’s formulated with a unique bond-protective concentrate that includes taurine and cationic polymers to protect the hair’s inner structure, color after color.

Every application comes in pre-measured, portable pouch that includes both the color and developer in the single service pouch that make life easy for every stylist, from independents to salon pros to colorists on the go. You’ll need one to three packettes, based on your client’s hair density and root regrowth. Plus, Matrix SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded comes in 10 best-selling neutral shades and every shade is intermixable.   


With a 10-minute retouch service, you can now book twice as many clients as before. It’s ideal for fitting in walk-ins or add-ons, for clients who haven’t been able to commit to the time necessary for gray coverage, and for adding extra services in between your regular color clients. It may even give you time to eat lunch! Use SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded on clients with less than a half-inch of regrowth who come in frequently, time-starved clients who would love to get in and out during a lunch hour or their kid’s dance class and clients with thinning hair.

matrix socolor gray


Matrix artists love the speed and amazing results of SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded and have developed three signature services that are perfect for the new color:

  • T-Zone Touch Up. Quickly cover visible grays with a speedy touch-up in less than 20 minutes. Simply create an ear-to-ear parting across the top of the head, and another parting from the top of the head to the hairline. Apply the color to all of the part lines as well as the hairline. Then, create three or four ¼-inch partings out from the main partings in each subsection and apply the formula to the regrowth to cover only the sections that are visible. This service is ideal for walk-ins or as an add-on service for clients with less than ½ inch of new growth.
    matrix socolor gray
  • Express Ombré. Combine a retouch using SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded with balayage highlights. Apply lightener to mid-lengths and ends using a two-pointed balayage technique. Process 30 minutes. While the balayage remains on the hair, perform a retouch on the new growth with SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded. Process for eight minutes, then add water and emulsify, pulling the SoColor 10 min Pre-Bonded formula through the mids and ends for two more minutes. This service is ideal for clients needing gray coverage in addition to lightening services, reducing overall time in chair.
    matrix socolor gray
  • Root + Refresh. Offer a full root retouch and all-over color refresh in just an hour. Section the hair into quadrants and apply the SoColor 10 min Pre-Bonded formula to the new growth in ¼-inch sections within each quadrant. Process eight minutes, then add water and emulsify, pulling the color through the mid-lengths and ends for an additional two minutes. This service is ideal for clients short on time, who are squeezing in color during lunch break or an after-school activity.
    matrix socolor gray

“SoColor 10 Min Pre-Bonded is so quick and so easy to work with,” says Matrix AVP Artist Training and Development Dilek Onur Taylor. “The results are every bit as effective as SoColor Extra Coverage in half the time and the pre-bonded formula keeps your client’s hair healthy and strong. Because the packettes are so portable and take up so little space, I can see this becoming a ‘must-have’ for stylists in every type of salon and hair color situation.”

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