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Written by Redken TeamDec 12, 2022

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Introducing the Shades EQ Color of the Year: Sparkling Blonde With A Kiss Of Rose. Inspired by trending Gold Rose tones, Shades EQ’s Color of the Year can be created in one step with the new Gold Rose Family. Say goodbye to basic blondes and hello to your new must-have color.

The new Gold Rose family is the perfect combination of sparkling blonde with a hint of gold and soft rose tones for modern, healthy-looking blonde. The unique formula includes gold to provide warmth without brass and to enhance vibrancy to your blondes, in addition to rose, which provides a subtle reflect for a unique, modern finish. The new

Gold Rose Family also contains zero background for 100 percent reflect and pure tones delivering maximum pay off.

New Redken Blonde Shade

Gold Rose Family Tonal Breakdown


  • Provides warmth without brass
  • Enhances vibrancy while adding balance to secondary tone


  • Calibrated for natural undertones at each level
  • Provides a subtle rose effect

No background

  • For full reflect payoff on both pre-lightened and natural light levels

Redken Shades EQ

The new Gold Rose family comes exclusively in Shades EQ Bonder Inside, which means you can tone blondes with the Color of the Year and repair* in one step on all hair types and textures.

Ready to see Gold Rose come to life this holiday season? Thanks to the new Shades EQ Gold Rose family, you can achieve the Shades EQ Color of the Year in no time at all. Available in three new shades—010Gold Rose (Sparkling Wine), 09Gold Rose (Blush Spritz), and 07Gold Rose (Golden Fizz)—the Gold Rose Family will help you create this year’s must-have, irresistible blonde. Check out these beautiful formulas from Redken Artists Savannah Jones, Denise Welsh and Adrienne Dara.

Redken Blonde Color

Savannah Jones (@savannahjo_hairstylist)


Zone 1: 06NCh

Zones 2 and 3: 07GRo + 09GRo

Redken Blonde Color

Denise Welsh (@denisesuzanne_)


09GRo Global Gloss

Redken Blonde Color

Adrienne Dara (@adrienne_dara)


Zone 1: 07NB + 07GRo

Zones 2 and 3: 07GRo + 09GRo·


*vs. without Shades EQ Bonder Inside

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