Brand Spotlight: Gelish

Written by SalonCentric TeamApr 30, 2024

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Gelish and Morgan Taylor

Gelish emerged in 2009 as a revolutionary brand for nail artistry from visionary nail industry legend Danny Haile. Quickly becoming a go-to brand for nail technicians and salons worldwide, Gelish was brought to life by the Nail Alliance and Hand & Nail Harmony CEO and Founder after having already established his name and reputation through an illustrious career as a nail technician and award-winning nail competitor winning over 60 awards on the US and global nail competition circuit.  

Throughout his career and success as a nail technician, Haile developed a knack and passion for perfecting nail products, which eventually led to his creation of the groundbreaking Gelish Soak-Off Gel. The first-of-its-kind gel-polish duo merged into one bottle features an innovative formula that requires no mixing, and cures under LED or UV lamps in seconds sans odor, scraping or chipping. The cutting-edge formula not only made the application process easier, but also more time efficient for both nail technicians and clients. And it's this very efficiency that would establish Gelish as a gold standard product in the nail industry.

"In addition to the generic way to apply the product, we also teach you why and when you want to apply the product a certain way and what these applications steps will achieve. We will also cover the chemistry behind the product you can fully understand how all our products work individually as well as working together. All in all, you’ll be given the perfect tools to enable a quick and efficient decision to provide the most beneficial recipe in each service," says Haile.

Since Gelish’s launch, the increasingly popular Brea, CA-based brand is now sold in over 80 countries worldwide and has introduced more than 100 colors, with the latest “Lace Is More” Spring 2024 color collection adding another six soft and airy pastel shades.  

Haile and David Daniel, Hand & Nail Harmony Executive Vice President, then went on to launch the Morgan Taylor lacquer line, a sister brand to Gelish, named after Haile’s daughter Morgan, and Daniel’s daughter, Taylor. Specially selected ingredients and an innovative bottle have earned the Morgan Taylor brand its popularity among the fashion and editorial set, with the brand frequently partnering with top designers across Fashion Weeks in NY and Paris. Morgan Taylor has gone on to receive numerous awards, including the Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice Awards for “2020 Best Nail Lacquer” and Nailpro Readers Choice Winner for “2022 Best Base Coat for Manicures and Pedicures.” 

These brands don’t only provide amazing quality products, but many items also present multiple uses and possibilities, which in turn provides long lasting beautiful results with ease. With Gelish & Morgan Taylor you’ll be able to beautify and strengthen with care and comfort, no matter which type of service you’d want to offer your clients.

- Danny Haile

Nail Alliance and Hand & Nail Harmony CEO and Founder

And as of May 1st, 2024, Gelish will be partnering with SalonCentric to join the SalonCentric Online Exclusives brand catalog. This new collaboration gives beauty professionals direct access to Gelish’s acclaimed products, available on SalonCentric.comand the SalonCentric App