Blondage High Bright: The Must-Have Blonde Haircare Regimen for Clients

Written by Redken TeamNov 7, 2022

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A lot of work goes into creating your client’s dream blonde. From lifting and toning to glossing and styling, creating that salon-fresh feeling is something your client’s have come to expect. Maintaining that feeling between appointments is the key to returning customers. While nothing quite compares to “day of” color, your clients will want (and expect) their new blonde to look that good until their next appointment. For blondes, maintaining their color comes with two key steps: toning and fighting dulling. To ensure your clients can address both needs at home, Redken has expanded the beloved Color Extend Blondage family to include an answer to dull and darkened blondehair between salon visits. Introducing the new Blondage High Bright System, a three-step regimen that instantly brightens and lightens your client’s blonde hair in just one use.

Read on to learn more about the new Blondage High Bright system, including how it works, why your clients need it, and how to provide your client with the ultimate at-home blonde haircare regimen to extend the life of their color.


While many blonding clients are familiar with the need for toning shampoo, the majority are unaware of the dulling agents they face the moment they leave your chair. When they walk out your door, their blonde encounters factors like hard water minerals, pollution, chemicals, and product build up that threaten their new bright color.

The Blondage High Bright regimen—complete with a pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo, and conditioner—works to protects hair against these everyday threats. Featuring chelating agents and a Vitamin C+ powered formula, this tree step system addresses the loss of brightness client’s face between salon appointments.

  • PRE-TREATMENT: Chelating agents work to clarify and prep hair’s canvas.
  • SHAMPOO: Washes away buildup and impurities for a brighter blonde.
  • CONDITIONER: Lightweight finish for a non-drying feel of hair.

Together, the regimen seals the cuticle and fills porosity to lockout dullness for an instantly brighter blonde in just one use.

Redken Blondage High Bright SalonCentric


The High Bright system is recommended for blondes levels 7-10 who experience dulling between salon appointments. This includes both natural and colored blondes.


Before prescribing this to your client, it’s important to note that because of the chelating agents in High Bright, it is not meant for use right after a coloring service. Blondes should wait at least one to twoweeks after a color service to use. For bestresults, High Bright should be added to their haircare routine at your client’s first sight of dullness.

  • STEP #1 PRE-TREATMENT: Apply pre-treatment to damp hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Do not rinse.
  • STEP #2 SHAMPOO: Directly following pre-treatment, lather shampoo and rinse.
  • STEP #3 CONDITIONER: After shampoo, apply conditioner and rinse.

This regimen should be used weekly or as needed until desired brightness is reached. After ideal lightness is achieved, blondes should remove pre-treatment from their regimen or switch back to their daily shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. High Bright is best paired with the Color Extend Blondage range or Acidic Bonding Concentrate system.


Together, Color Extend Blondage Core and Blondage High Bright make up a complete blonde haircare regimen addressing the two key issues for blondes: toning and brightening.

  • FOR TONING: Color Extend Blondage

Formulated with violet pigments, this color depositing range acts to neutralize unwanted brass and tones in hair that distort original salon color.

  • FOR BRIGHTENING: Blondage High Bright

With chelators and a vitamin C+ brightening complex, this range removes impurities that darken, dull and mattify blonde hair to brighten hair and reveal your client’s true salon blonde.

For long-lasting blonde results, your client should be using the newHigh Bright system in conjunction with Redken’s Blondage line. While Color Extend Blondage is a great staple for all blondes, the addition of High Bright in your client’s routine will extend their blonde for salon-fresh color that lasts until their next appointment—a surefire way to create repeat clients.

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