5 Secrets For Strengthening Your Clients’ Hair

Written by Biolage Education TeamOct 2, 2023

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Biolage strength recovery

While there is no one-size-fits-all regime for strengthening clients’ hair, there are proven effective methods that can help to transform dull, weakened strands into shiny, thicker, and more a manageable mane. Here are five holy grail secrets stylists can share with clients to help their hair rejuvenation journey beyond the salon.

1. Using the Best Haircare Products

Strong, healthy hair starts in the shower with cleansing and conditioning formulas designed to protect and strengthen vulnerable strands. Recommending products, like Biolage’s Strength Recovery lineup, will help clients establish a basic haircare routine that nourishes and reinforces strands. Biolage’s Strength Recovery Shampoo and Conditioning Cream for Damaged Hair are advanced formulas that will leave hair three times stronger with 73 percent less breakage. Another key factor in hair health is adequate moisture. If a client’s hair appears to be particularly parched, recommend once or twice-weekly sessions with a treatment, like the Biolage Strength Recovery Deep Treatment Pak for extra infusions of moisture.

2. Cutting Down Friction

Harsh actions on the hair, such as vigorous combing, brushing or toweling; rough detangling and even tossing and turning in bed at night creates friction that can lead to hair breakage. If this is the case for your client, recommend solutions such as silk or satin pillowcases to make nighttime smoother. Recommend wide-tooth combs and boar bristle brushes that prevent snagging and steer her toward soft, micro-fiber towels for après shower. Wet hair should be treated with detangling formulas like Biolage Strength Recovery Strength Repairing Spray and gently detangled with a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb, beginning from the ends and working upward.

3. Treat Colored Hair with Extra Care

Color-treated hair is especially vulnerable to weakening, which is why it is important to arm colored clients with specific care regiments that will prevent dryness and breakage. Formulas specifically made for color-treated hair, such as Biolage Color Last Shampoo and Conditioner, are essential for these clients. Color Last is exceptionally gentle and designed to promote shine and prevent color fade. For extra fade-fighting muscle, add Color Last Deep Treatment Pak

4. Protection

Exposing hair to the hot temperatures of blow dryers and styling irons can push it over the edge if it’s already vulnerable, so a heat protection product is essential. Many heat protection formulas do double duty. Biolage Hydra Source Blow Dry Shaping Lotion, for example, not only provides heat protection while blow drying, but it also offers weightless hydration and style memory. And the All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray offers more than a dozen benefits, including detangling, porosity reduction, added shine, and heat and color protection.

5. Healthy Body, Healthy Hair

A client’s hair can only be as fit as her overall health. Hair always reflects what’s going on inside so following healthy habits is important for a healthy head of hair. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, sleeping well every night, limiting alcohol consumption, staying away from drugs and tobacco and getting regular exercise all go a long way to keeping hair strong and overall healthy.