What Stylists Should Know About Repairing Bonds

Written by Biolage Education TeamSep 22, 2023

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Biolage Bond Therapy

Information on hair bonds is gathering steam online as clients want to understand what they are and how they play into the overall health of their hair. Here’s an in-depth guide on how they become damaged and how they can be repaired.

There are three types of bonds: hydrogen bonds, salt bonds and disulfide bonds. Each type of bond is responsible for a third of the hair’s total strength.

  • Hydrogen bonds are easily broken when exposed to water, heat or humidity. These bonds allow the hair to be styled temporarily, and then return to their natural shape when water is applied. 
  • Salt bonds are broken when hair is exposed to changes in pH via the application of an alkaline or acid formula. Healthy salt bonds are reformed when the formula is rinsed out or the hair is dried.
  • Disulfide bonds are responsible for the hair strands’ natural shape. They are more difficult to break. Breakage of these bonds is usually due to chemical processes like perms or relaxers and require neutralization to reform.

The Solution: Bond Therapy

The new Biolage Bond Therapy collection focuses on repairing two of the three hair bonds—hydrogen bonds and salt bonds. By repairing these two types of bonds, the majority of the hair’s overall bond structure receives aid and support.

The key ingredient in Bond Therapy’s formulas is a bonding acid known as citric acid. This key ingredient contains three negatively charged ions that allow it to penetrate the hair strands’ cortex. Once there, it works in two ways. First, it helps protect the fiber by drawing out positively charged metal ions that tend to accumulate in the hair and disrupt bonds that are already weakened. It also builds new bonds to help restore the natural behavior of the hair. With consistent use over time, citric acid works to strengthen the hair and make it more resistant to further damage. 

Biolage Bond Therapy is also infused with hair-caring coconut oil which can penetrate deeper than many other oils to maximize conditioning benefits. Coconut oil leaves hair healthier, smoother, shinier and deeply nourished. 

How-To Repair with Bond Therapy

The assortment of formulas in the Bond Therapy collection let you customize bond repair regimens for all clients regardless of hair type. The collection features: