ArtistOnGo Reimagines The Salon Business For Owners And Artists

Written by SalonCentric TeamMay 20, 2024

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Every beauty professional has a dream of being their own boss. And for many, finding a place to work that suits their needs can be challenging. House calls are inconvenient, booth rental is expensive and trying to rent a chair directly at a salon comes with a lot of hoop-jumping. But now, ArtistOnGo (AOG) has changed all of that by reimagining the way salons and artists work together.  

How It Works 

ArtistOnGo offers a personalized chair rental solution for salon owners and artists alike. This new and unique platform enables artists in renting a chair from a network of verified premium salons and spas. Artists pick a salon that fits their vibe and book online for however long they need, be it monthly, daily or hourly, and without a contract. And for salon/spa owners, they are able to rent out any additional space or chairs to like-minded artists and earn significant revenue with zero overhead or effort. 

For Artists 

Instead of working for someone else, artists can work for themselves at a top salon, earning up to three times more income with total flexibility and complete control over their work and schedule. With AOG, artists are empowered in picking everything from the salon they want to work at, their schedule, and their service pricing. Stylists can ditch the fixed weekly rent by only paying for the days they work—three days a week means three days’ rent not seven—which also helps keep their budget flexible. Independent artists have opted to rent salon chairs long-term with ArtistOnGo via monthly, weekly or even hourly rentals with flexible pricing options, including weekly payments. What’s more, artists can work at one salon or multiple salons to make it easier on themselves and their clients. Plus, AOG network salons provide access to their backbar products, refreshments for clients, reception and fresh towels.  

ArtistOnGo isn't just about revolutionizing the salon industry, it's about creating a sustainable future where salons and artists can thrive together in a new and empowering way,” says renowned stylist and educator Sam Villa. “The traditional model can be restrictive for both parties. AOG offers a flexible and collaborative solution, fostering a vibrant community where stylists can pursue their artistic freedom and salon owners can earn income by renting their unused chairs and meet the surging expenses to run a salon. It's a win-win for everyone involved, ensuring the long-term health and success of the entire beauty industry.” 

For Salons/Spas 

Salon and spa owners love the AOG concept because it’s a win-win. They can generate more income with zero additional costs or efforts by co-sharing and filling chairs or treatment rooms that would otherwise go unused. This passive income stream for salon owners can be significant, covering up to 60% or more of their monthly rental overhead. Plus, they’re afforded the opportunity to meet new talent from their community and establish working relationships.  

ArtistOnGo is currently available nationwide. For more information, check out