A Week in the Life of Ted Gibson

Written by Maureen SheenAug 13, 2018

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If you’ve ever wondered what a week in Ted Gibson’s life is like, here’s your exclusive sneak peek. The celebrity hairdresser and industry icon is constantly on-the-go and on the run tending to his celeb regulars like Priyanka Chopra, Rachel Brosnahan, Tessa Mae Thompson and Debra Messing, his A-list clientele in New York and LA, editorial gigs and launching his own product empire called STARRING. Check out what the in-demand super stylist got into over the past week.

Day 1

Spending the day in the salon with my New York clients.

Day 2

Getting in a gym session to start the day out strong.

On set for a cover shoot.

Just wrapped the cover shoot and heading out to meet my husband Jason Backe.

Day 3

In Mexico City at the manufacturing facility for STARRING which launches this September. So excited!

Required safety shoes. Aren’t they cute?

Safety gear, check! Walking into the STARRING plant.

Day 4

Back in LA to cut Megan Pormer’s hair.

Doing hairs for STARRING.

This is my favorite of the bunch.

Day 5

Spending quality time with Spencer, the love of our lives.

Date night with my man.

Day 6

Working on set of an editorial shoot in downtown LA using STARRING.

Gotta get those hairs right.

Day 7

Red carpet time at the American Influencer Awards during Cosmoprof 2018 with Paris Hilton.

Making sure Paris is perfect for her close-up.

Photography: Courtesy of Ted Gibson