7 Valentine's Day Nails To Try Now

Written by SalonCentric TeamFeb 13, 2020

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Valentines @agesthetics Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@agesthetics
Out of all the holidays, if there was ever a time to be extra about love, hearts, pink and red, it’s Valentine’s Day. From subtle and pretty to bold and edgy, get inspired by these V-Day nail art designs to give your clients their perfect Valentine’s Day manicure.

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@thenailartbabe
Comme des Garçons or playing cards-inspired? Either way, we’re all about this two-toned take.

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@vanityprojects
Feminine, elevated, and just flat out pretty. What’s not to love?

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@paintboxnails
We’ll take ombré glitter hearts any day of the year.

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@nailartistrybyarlene
Because candy hearts are obligatory.

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@misashton
Naughty and goth vibes for days. Plus, the Swarovski nail art makes it super luxe.

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@nail_unistella
How fun is this cute design on the lipstick-shaped nail trend?

 Photography: Courtesy of Instagram/@agesthetics
Sweet and simple hearts, but make it Valentine’s Day.

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