7 Simple Tips for Exceptional Service

Written by Modern Salon CustomMay 1, 2018

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Not only is it crucial to slay every hair cut or color service you perform, it’s also critical to create a delightful experience for every client who sits in your chair. In every salon, there are seven main experiential touchpoints—from booking an appointment to checkout and beyond—that allow you to impact each client. Here’s how to provide excellence every step of the way.

Booking: Script a friendly greeting for when clients phone for appointments. If you must put someone on hold, be polite and get back to them quickly. According to research by Hold on America, after 20 seconds on hold, most callers begin to feel frustrated, after 30 seconds, many begin to feel angry and after 60 seconds, 30% of callers will hang up.

Greeting: When the client arrives, greet her by name and welcome her warmly. Offer water or coffee. Give first-timers a tour of the salon. If you’re running late, let her know exactly how long the delay will be. Nobody likes to wait, but it’s easier if one knows what to expect.

Consultation: According to Matrix Salon Business Expert and TV celebrity Tabatha Coffey, 97% of hairdressers say they give a consultation to clients before every service. But only 7% of clients say they receive a consultation. That’s a major disconnect. “A consultation,” explains Tabatha, “is having a conversation about your client’s hair on that day, and really listening to what she has to say.”

Shampoo:  Clients love a pampering shampoo, so don’t skimp on this part of the service. Adding a lovely head massage or aromatherapy oils enhances the sensorial experience. And be sure to let her know which cleansing and conditioning products you’ve chosen especially for her hair and why.

Service: Stay focused on your work. Explain what you’re doing, the products you’re working with and how the client can use them at home. Steering her toward the products that will maintain her hair is the highest level of service.

Checkout: Walk your client to the checkout desk, thank her and let her know how much you enjoyed your time with her. Have the products you used or recommended waiting for her to speed up her checkout.

Follow up: Send each client a follow up thank-you email or text a day or two after the service. It only takes a few moments of your time, but letting a client know you value her business makes an enormous impact.

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