7 Blondes To Create Right Now

Written by SalonCentric TeamAug 21, 2019

Read time 5 min

Photo Credit: Instagram/@heyelizabethfaye
Does it seem like blondes have more fun? Because these blonde creations scream “YES!” From honey blonde to white platinum, here are seven looks for you to try out today.

Cassandra McGlaughlin creates a dimensional blonde using only 22 foils through strategic placement.

Daniel Mason-Jones brings together milk and honey tones with a bold balayage.

Catherine Long uses babylights, teasylights and freehand balayage on brassy ends to produce waves of ice blonde.

Samantha Harman produces a smooth, clean, beautifully bright blonde.

Daniel Mora takes this dark hair client through the dimensional blonding process, caring for the fine and fragile hairline by dropping the volume of developer.

Caroline Guiney paints a platinum canvas in just one visit.

Elizabeth Faye gets a flawless smudge by dip dyeing hair followed by a smudge and tone.
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