5 Top Ways to Retain Clients

Written by Maureen SheenJun 29, 2018

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While attracting new clients is absolutely necessary, a salon’s existing clientele represents the most reliable and profitable source of new revenue. To keep clients coming back to your chair, it takes more than just great customer service. It also requires strategy. We spoke to some of the industry’s biggest and most successful names for their winning tips for getting your clients back in the door, time and time again.


Client Experience
“Clients want more than just a great cut or color when they come to us, they want an experience. It means paying attention to them, having a great consultation, asking them the right questions, solving their hair needs, showing them that we value their business, making them feel appreciated and never taking them for granted.”―Tabatha Coffey, Matrix Global Business Ambassador (@tabathacoffey)

“Trends are always changing in our industry, and making sure that we are up to date on the latest trends and products is always important for our own personal growth and the growth of our business. Clients want to know what options are available to them, what looks are in that work, and how to solve their hair issues. By staying educated on the latest trends, we can offer better advice, options and services to our clients. We also need to stay up-to-date now more than ever because our clients are researching more than ever. Not only do we need to know what’s happening, we have to be the experts in our field.”―Tabatha Coffey, Matrix Global Business Ambassador (@tabathacoffey)


The Look
“One of the easiest ways to retain clients is by doing beautiful work. Everyone loves to look their best, and clients will stay loyal to those who give them their best look. So, dig deep to give every client your all, each and every time.”―Daniel Mason-Jones, Owner of Muse Salon and Spa and SalonCentric Ambassador (@danielmasonjones)


“Practicing rebooking is always recommended to retain your salon guests. Make sure your consultation includes how often they will need to visit in order to maintain their style and color. At the end of the service, write down the number of weeks, the recommended service and the time needed for that particular service. Completing this process will help your front desk by having a solid script to assist in reserving the next appointment before the guest leaves. For example, using the following script will help increase your rebooking rate by leaps and bounds: ‘I see (service provider name) needs to see you back in X weeks to maintain your color and style, and that brings us to (date). I know you usually come in the late afternoon. We have an availability at 4 p.m., is that time convenient for you?’” Dave Kirby, Senior Director of Training and Co-owner of Summit Salon Business Center (@davekirbympls)

Loyalty Program
 “Implement a loyalty program. Nowadays, many software companies make this process easy. You just need to engage your software program and decide the points that will be earned per dollar, plus how and when a guest can redeem. A salon can outshine their local competition by instituting this system. I think we can all agree that we need to give our salon guests every reason to continue to choose you when they have so many salons to choose from.”―Dave Kirby, Senior Director of Training and Co-owner of Summit Salon Business Center (@davekirbympls)

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