5 Pearl-y Hairstyles For Holiday

Written by Maureen SheenSep 23, 2019

Read time 5 min


nullPhotography: Courtesy of Instagram/@viola_pyak

These are not your grandmother’s pearls. We first saw a resurgence of hair accessories with the Spring/Summer 2019 shows at New York Fashion Week with clips, pins, barrettes, headbands and bows making the runway rounds. And since then, faux-pearl hair accessories have gone from a micro-trend to bona fide viral status. Pearl pins, pearl-encrusted clips and barrettes instantly elevate an outfit, and they couldn’t be more perfect for dressing up a holiday hairstyle. Check out these five looks created by Moscow-based hairdresser Viola Pyak (@viola_pyak), and get inspired to transform your client’s holiday look.