4 Foil Placement Techniques And The Head-turning Results

Written by Kenra Professional Education TeamJul 23, 2020

Read time 5 min

In this color tutorial, Kenra Professional Artistic Ambassador Mirella Manelli (@mirellamanelli), shows you four different foil placement techniques and the beautiful effects they create. Mirella goes over horizontal highlights, vertical highlights, diagonal forward, and diagonal back sections. Horizontal highlights are great for general highlighting, high diffusion, overall brightness, natural-looking highlights, and color correction. Diagonal Highlights are great for ribbon-effects, high contrast, and the illusion of longer looking hair. In this tutorial, Mirella uses Kenra Color Simply Blonde Blue Powder Lightener plus 30 Volume Developer mixed at a one to three mixing ratio. However,it is recommended that you customize to your clients’ needs. Watch until the very end to learn Mirella’s tips and tricks, plus so you can gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of each foil placement, and how to choose the best technique for your client.
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