4 Ways To Power-Up Your Styling Looks

Written by Redken TeamAug 31, 2023

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With the beginning of fall right around the corner, now is the perfect time for stylists to switch up their clients’ look and style. To spark some inspiration, Redken has partnered with Global Redken artist, Lindsey Olson (@lindsey.marie.olson), to create detailed step-by-steps of her most inspired looks. Lindsey created four looks on different hair textures using Redken’s star stylers to demonstrate the versatility of these products.

As a colorist and designer behind the chair, Lindsey shares a relatability that makes her able to excite and inspire her peers. Throughout her career, she has participated in huge events like New York City Fashion Night Out and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Cynthia Rowley. Through sharing her tips and tricks for creating her favorite looks, Lindsey hopes to inspire other stylists to feel excited about trying something new in the salon.


Keep scrolling to find step-by-step instructions on these four elevated looks to power-up your styling this season. 

The Slicked Back Rope Bun

Step 1: Section the nape area and apply Big Blow Out to the entire section, then brush hair into a ponytail.  

Step 2: Section back of hair, apply Big Blow Out, and brush into the second ponytail.

Pro tip: Multi-ponytails make it easier to create super sleek results.

Step 3: Apply Big Blow Out to the top and sides, brushing the hair to the ponytail. Wrap and secure the hair into the third layer on the ponytail.  

Step 4: Apply Spray Wax to the entire ponytail, working the hair into a twist. Wrap the hair halfway and secure it with a hairpin. 

Step 5: Continue to wrap and twist the hair, up and around, to create a tight shape. Secure with a hairpin.  

Slicked Up-do with a Flare

Step 1: To reactivate the curls, apply a generous amount of One United to the entire head. Diffuse on low air and low heat.

Step 2: Section the side and half of the crown away from the top and back to create a triangle section.

Step 3: Apply Max Sculpting Gel to create a sleek ponytail.  

Step 4: Apply Spray Wax over Max Sculpting Gel for a top-coat gloss finish. Add a metallic accessory to the ponytail. Root stretch and diffuse with One United.

Chignon Bun

Step 1
: On wet hair, apply Quick Blowout and dry hair. Once dried, apply Root Lifter to the roots of the hair and blow dry. Separate the top part of the hair. Apply Spray Wax and section back one side into a twist. Use an elastic bobby pin to secure. 

Step 2: Apply Spray Wax and bring the top section towards the back twist, secure with a hairpin.  

Step 3: Apply Spray Wax to the side section, twist, and wrap over the back section. Wrap half the hair into a bun and secure it with a hairpin. 

Step 4: Wrap the remaining hair into a bun, crossing the sections to create a dimensional shape. Spray Control Hairspray all over to secure the look and apply Spray Wax as a top-coat gloss. 

Bantu Buns

Step 1: Secure wet hair into ten ponytails. Apply a generous amount of One United to each section. 

Step 2: Apply Big Blow Out to each ponytail and create a two-strand twist. 


Step 3: Create two-strand twists on each ponytail, secure with elastic. Apply Max Sculpting Gel to smooth the edges.

Step 4: Twist and wrap each ponytail into a Bantu Knot, securing with an elastic and spray Control Hairspray all over to secure for all day wear.