10 Questions with Caroline Guiney

Written by Maureen SheenJul 25, 2018

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Caroline Guiney, better known as @caroline.anythingbutbasic, has been steadily burning up Instagram feeds with her beautiful blondes and fabulous fashion-colored works of art. The in-demand colorist, who hails from County Kerry, Ireland, and has taken up residence at the Butterfly Loft Salon for the past three years, is constantly churning out regram-worthy color. Scroll through to get to know the color phenom and SalonCentric Brand Ambassador a little better.

When did you discover your passion for hair?
I’ve always loved doing hair. But about 5 years ago, I began to immerse myself deep in education, and fell even more in love with this career. Education has definitely been the key to staying passionate about hair.
Why did you gravitate towards blondes and fashion colors as a specialty?
Creating beautiful blondes is a challenge, but it’s a challenge I love. In Southern California, blonding is probably the most requested service, so I decided to really focus my attention to all types of blonding services. Even now, I still take the time to learn new and improved ways to create the perfect blonde for each individual client. And pastel fashion colors are my favorite. I’m fortunate enough to work at the Butterfly Loft Salon with the creators of Pulp Riot, David and Alexis Thurston. At the salon, we’re exposed to all the new, upcoming trends, and we’re also creating new trends. I’ve found that in order to create a great fashion color, you have to have a great canvas. And that’s where being a blonde specialist has really benefited me.

What is your favorite thing about being an educator?
The best thing about being an educator is watching my fellow stylists have their aha moments. When I can see them truly understand, it’s so rewarding. And my favorite part of teaching classes is the social media training. Showing stylists how to get a great photo for their pages is so valuable and useful.

How can stylists make the most of their education, time and money?
I think the best way to make the most of a class is to put what you’ve learned into practice right away and assist someone you respect and admire. And find a friend or relative that will let you practice your new technique on their hair. Keep practicing until you feel like you’ve perfected it.

Why did you choose the suite route?
My suite gives me the best of both worlds. I can run my own business, retail products and choose my own hours without all of the responsibilities involved with owning a salon.

What is something you wish you knew about the suite business before you got into it?

If you’re moving into a suite with a suitemate, I would recommend writing down a list of expectations and responsibilities, and have both people sign and agree to it. Small details like who takes out the trash, washes the towels, sweeps, etc. need to be outlined. This way, everyone is clear about their responsibilities and duties. Communication is so important.

Do you have any advice for current and future suite owners?
Keeping new clientele coming through the door can be a challenge. You must always keep promoting yourself and your work. So don’t be afraid to ask clients that love your work for referrals. And if you’re not already on social media, start a page now. Use relevant hashtags for your local area like #losangeleshairstylist , #losangelescolorist , #encinorainbowhair to make yourself easily discoverable.

What is your #1 social media practice?
Post at least once a day, every day. Post the kind of work you’d like to attract more of. For example, if you love balayage and want more balayage clients, post pictures of your balayage work and use relevant hashtags including your city or town. Hashtags are how potential clients will find you.

What has your experience being a SalonCentric Ambassador been like?
The best thing about being a SalonCentric Ambassador is having the opportunity to work together with the other ambassadors. I think we’re such a talented group and we all work so uniquely. It’s been so fun really getting to know everyone and learning little tips and tricks from each other.

If you weren't doing hair, what would you be doing?

If I didn’t do hair, I think I would’ve liked to be a nurse. I love babies so I could definitely see myself working in the labor and delivery, or neonatal unit.
Photography: Courtesy of Caroline Guiney

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